Bring programming into your classroom

YOU++ Teachers

Aligned with school curriculum

Our courses fit perfectly with core subjects, such as Math or English, that you already teach.


Co-created with educators

Our courses are co-created with other teachers and tested with students in real classrooms.


No coding experience required

Our teacher manuals, lesson plans, in-course tutorials and hints make it very easy for beginners.


Quickly follow your students‘ progress

Track each students‘ learning with your special teacher analytics which allow for individual assessment.


Gamified content for increased engagement

Fun challenges and quizzes get students hooked with points and badges and allow for friendly class competitions.


Easy set-up for a whole class

No downloads required. All you need is a computer, laptop, or tablet (with external keyboard) with an internet connection.

Students and teachers love it.

YOU++ Testimonials
YOU++ Cecilia

Super easy to work with

I had no previous programming experience, but with YOU++ it was very easy for me to get started. The class basically ran itself.

Cecilia Reardon
Math teacher, grade 5-6

YOU++ Sven

Teach them today what they need tomorrow

I used YOU++ in my science class, because I want to give my students an idea of how computers actually work. They should learn the skills they need for the future in school today.

Sven Marling
Science teacher, grade 8-9

YOU++ Caroline

Get them excited about Math again

Working with YOU++ helped my students to better understand some difficult math concepts. Some of my students got so hooked that I had to stop them from not finishing everything at home.

Caroline Nordéus
Math teacher, grade 5-6